Ignite Love & Luck: Ariana Ost's Sweetheart Mega Healing Crystal Grid (Rose Quartz, Pyrite, Clear Quartz) - 9" Sacred Geometry for Home Decor

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Brand: Ariana Ost

color:rose gold

Embrace the radiant energy of love, abundance, and good fortune with Ariana Ost's Sweetheart Mega Healing Crystal Grid. This stunning 9" masterpiece, handcrafted with asymmetrical elegance, invites you to cultivate a life filled with joy, connection, and vibrant possibilities.

Unleash the Power of Crystals:

    • Choose your path: Select from three captivating options, each adorned with powerful gemstones:
        • Rose Quartz: Embrace unconditional love, inner peace, and gentle self-reflection.
        • Pyrite: Spark the fire of success, attract prosperity, and boost your confidence.
        • Clear Quartz: Amplify your intentions, illuminate your path, and manifest your dreams.
    • Sacred geometry: The heart-shaped grid amplifies the vibrational energy of the crystals, creating a potent synergy for your intentions.
    • Exquisite craftsmanship: Hand-wrapped crystals shimmer against a gleaming gold, rose gold, or silver base, crafted with love in Ariana Ost's design studio.
    • Elevate your space: Transform your home into a sanctuary of positive energy. Use the grid for meditation, manifestation, or simply as a captivating reminder of your potential.

More than just a decoration, this is a portal to personal empowerment.

    • Cultivate self-love: Let the gentle vibrations of rose quartz fill your heart with radiant self-acceptance.
    • Attract abundance: Ignite the fiery energy of pyrite and watch doors of opportunity open.
    • Manifest your dreams: Set your intentions with clarity and purpose, amplified by the power of clear quartz.
    • The perfect gift: Share the magic of crystal grids with loved ones seeking love, joy, and success.

Embrace the radiant energy of the Sweetheart Mega Healing Crystal Grid. Add it to your cart today and illuminate your life with love, light, and limitless possibilities!


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