About Closiist

What is Closiist?

Closiist is a marketplace with a philosophy of promoting the local and sustainability. We want to place these values that are dear to us at the core of our business. We curate our vendors and product carefully, looking into their history and the technologies they use to make sure they are in harmony with our values.

- Closiist -
the not far away marketplace

 “Close” for proximity, and “ist” for philosophy. 

Our Mission: Promote a sustainable way to shop online!

Online shopping involves shipping, which means pollution. Not the best way to promote sustainable shopping, right? Well indeed, but we believe awareness is the first step towards a better future. 

We don't pretend that we can change the world in a few months, but we believe that every action for the environment whatever it is, contributes to this better future. That's why we give 1% of each order to a non-profit via our Donation Program, "You Shop, We give".

You may see on our Instagram that we don't only post about our product but also about ecological awareness and more precisely on the protection of the oceans. The reason is simple; our founders have a particular passion for the oceans and their conservation.

Each product listed on Closiist has been carefully curated by our team. They are not only beautiful but are Eco-Friendly, Organic, Made from Recycled Materials, Handmade, NON-GMO, or produced in Small Batches. 

#NoPlanetB is our credo, and we want to put it first as much as possible.

#Shop Local

We believe that local shopping is the first step towards a more environmentally friendly economy. On Closiist it's easy for you to shop local and find new products made by your amazing neighbors.


Each product listed on Closiist has been produced according to ecological criteria. Sometimes we choose products made outside of the United States, but only because they meet our criteria and are produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

#Small Actions #Big Impact

We ship your orders using a Carbon Neutral Method when available and try to use compostable mailers as often as possible. We believe that #Small Actions added to each other have #Big Impact on our environment. We are always looking to improve our process. Because we know you care as much as we do!

You Shop, We Give, our donation program

Closiist is happy to help non-profit associations by donating 1% of your order (excluding taxes and shipping) every time you make a purchase on our website. There is no extra costs for you!

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