Closiist FAQS

Frequently Asked Question

What is Closiist?

Closiist is a marketplace that makes environmentally friendly shopping simple! Every item on our website must fulfill our stringent sustainability requirements, and we ship all of our orders in a sustainable and carbon-neutral manner. Simply put, we're a group of environmentally conscious individuals dedicated to making sustainability simple and accessible. Welcome!

What does It means to be sustainable?

Capable of being maintained at a steady level without exhausting natural resources or causing severe ecological damage. 

How do you choose the product you sell on Closiist?

Our fantastic product team works hard to deliver the most environmentally friendly products to You, our Closiist community. You know it's sustainable if it's on Closiist! We applaud eco-warriors of various backgrounds, beliefs, and behaviors because sustainability means different things to different people. 

We all know that being an informed consumer requires a lot of reading, research, and time. Some corporations like to make it nearly impossible to discern if their products are actually sustainable, from lack of transparency to lack of information.

But wait, Sherlock, don't put on your deerstalker, tweed jacket, or magnifying lens just yet. We perform all of the legwork for you at Closiist. Every brand and product on our site through few examination to ensure you have access to the highest-quality, environmentally responsible solutions.

We proceed as follow:
1) We test the products.
2) We do a lot of research on the brand that sends us the products, We ask them questions. We talk a lot. And it's probably one of our best moments, because we discuss a fascinating subject: their products and sustainable development.
3) We accept or not that it is on Closiist.

Is everything on Closiist 100% sustainable?

Every Closiist order we process at our facility serves as a humble reminder that we are a part of Nature, and our main goal is to help and inspire others to eliminate plastics, reduce their daily waste, and switch to more sustainably alternatives. Closiist only sells products that are natural, ethically sourced, and sustainable.

Can I request for Closiist to carry my product?

ABSOLUTELY! We enjoy working with like-minded businesses that share our aim for a clean, green, and sustainable future! Please drop us a message if you'd like Closiist to carry your environmentally friendly product.

I have a favorite brand that you should know about
Is it always the most environmentally friendly option to shop online?

Each package is shipped with care and consideration for the environment at Closiist, and we take great satisfaction in making your shopping experience as sustainably friendly as possible by delivering your package to you in the most sustainably way possible.

While most online retailers prioritize saving time and money by using unsustainable practices like leaving behind boxfuls of plastic and styrofoam waste when you order from them, Closiist uses plastic-free*, 100 percent biodegradable shipping materials like water-activated paper tape, post-consumer boxes, recycled padded mailers, corn starch packing peanuts, and more to package all of our products. Your box can be composted, repurposed, or recycled in its whole. You may also make every order carbon free with Closiist's carbon-neutral shipping.


*You may receive your products in packages with bubble wrap, or boxes that have already been used. We help New York businesses to recycle. We share this on our networks.

How planet-friendly is the package & shipping process?

At Closiist we pack all of our products with plastic-free, 100% biodegradable shipping materials such as water-activated paper tape, post-consumer boxes, recycled padded mailers, corn starch packing peanuts, and more! Your package can be composted, reused, or recycled. Plus when you ship with Closiist, you can make every order you place a carbon-neutral one. 

 *You may receive your products in packages with bubble wrap, or boxes that have already been used, we help New York businesses to recycle and recycle. We share this on our networks.

What is "You shop, we give"?

We at Closiist, are committed to Ocean Protection and contribute to it via our donation program "You Shop, We Give". We donate 1% of your orders to Sea Shepherd at no extra cost to you! Read more in our page.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all majors credit cards, as well as Paypal, ApplePay and Google Pay. You can also Pay in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50 with ShopPay and PayPal (Conditions apply).

How can I provide feedback on a product?

We appreciate hearing from our community! To provide feedback, scroll down to the bottom of a product's page or email us at If you have a problem with your product, please contact our team so that we can help you resolve it.

What is Carbon Neutral Shipping?

From the beginning, we wanted to work with the environment in mind. We believe that caring for our planet is what everyone should do for a better future for our kids. That’s the reason why we decided to promote local and sustainability. But as we were moving forward with Closiist we had to find a way to ship eco-friendly. Being "eco-friendly" when we talk about shipment is a goal hard to reach. In fact, 10% of the global CO2 emissions are from transport and logistic.

We did some research and finally found a solution that fits us and who is America's first 100% carbon neutral shipping carrier. Its name, Sendle.

Learn more about carbon-neutrality by reading our blog about our carbon Neutral Shipping

My package's tracking number indicates that it was delivered, yet it never arrived at my door. What options do I have?

We regret that you have not yet received your sustainable-goods! To begin, check your tracking number to determine where the carrier delivered the things and ask any neighbors if there are any other possible delivery locations. Because of the large volume, a package may be marked as "delivered" but arrive a few days later. If your shipment is still missing after following these steps, it may have been stolen. This is an uncommon occurrence that is beyond the Closiist team's control. You can send us a Live Chat message or contact us here.

Why did my package arrive in several boxes?

The majority of Closiist's products are sent from our New York warehouse. Some of our products, however, are shipped directly from the manufacturer. As a result, depending on the things you selected, your order may arrive in two or more boxes, with different delivery dates. However, it will always be delivered with carbon-neutral shipping, regardless of who sends it! You will receive a tracking number for each shipment if your purchases ship from various locations. If you have any questions about how or when your order will be delivered, please contact us via Live Chat.

What can I do to get free shipping?

All orders in the United States that total $70 or more after coupons or sales are eligible for free shipping. The order total does not include tax.