Closiist Donation Program

Captain Paul Watson Foundation

THE CAPTAIN PAUL WATSON FOUNDATION has been established to promote and further the legacy of Captain Paul Watson.

To focus on the protection and conservation of the Ocean through direct intervention supported by education, documentation, research activities and partnerships with other NGOs, governments and international institutions like the United Nations.

It will be made up of a small team that will prevent any future interference or dilution of the overall vision of Paul's legacy by keeping management and bureaucracy minimal.


Closiist is commited to ocean protection and has decided to give 1% of each order to the Captain Paul Watson Foundation at no extra cost to you.

How does it work?
Every time you order we will donate 1% of your order to the foundation and these donations will be shown on the impact calculator above.

Go further!
On the cart page you can "Round up" your transaction or add a donation in support of the Captain Paul Watson Foundation.