Simplify Your Carry: Baltic Coin Wallet (Compact, Leather, Card & Coin Organizer)

Canopy Verde
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Title:Rose Gold


Ditch the bulky pockets and embrace effortless style with the Baltic Coin Wallet. This sleek and compact accessory combines the convenience of a coin purse with the organization of a cardholder, making it your perfect everyday companion.

Why you'll love the Baltic Coin Wallet:

    • Slim & Chic: Crafted from genuine leather, this wallet boasts a minimalist design that elevates your purse or pocket.
    • Card & Coin Combo: Keep your essentials organized with dedicated compartments for both coins and cards. The zippered coin pouch ensures secure storage, while the open pocket easily holds up to 20 business cards or 10 credit cards.
    • Pop of Color: Bright orange lining adds a touch of personality and makes it easy to spot your essentials inside.
    • Travel-Friendly: Compact size makes it perfect for slipping into your bag or tucking into your pocket, ideal for travel or everyday errands.
    • Stylish Finish: Embossed leaf logo adds a subtle touch of sophistication.

Choose from two versatile colors: classic black or elegant rose gold. The Baltic Coin Wallet is the perfect blend of style and functionality. Order yours today and experience the difference!

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4.75" x 3.5" (12 x 9cm)

Zippered coin compartment

Bright orange lining

Embossed leaf logo

COLORS: black & rose gold

About Canopy Verde

Canopy Verde: Sustainable Style for the Modern Minimalist
Canopy Verde isn't just about handbags, it's a philosophy. Founded by someone who values quality over quantity, Canopy Verde offers eco-friendly and vegan handbags designed to be timeless and practical.

Inspired by Design and Sustainability:

The essence of Canopy Verde lies in the fusion of mid-century Danish design and a deep commitment to responsible practices. Each bag reflects a love for clean lines and functionality, while being crafted with the utmost respect for the environment.

Breaking the Cycle of Waste:

Having witnessed the excessive wastefulness of the fashion industry firsthand, Canopy Verde was born from a desire to do things differently. By working closely with a woman-owned factory in Hong Kong, Canopy Verde prioritizes sustainable methods and minimal waste at every stage of production. Leftover materials find new life, and environmentally friendly practices are at the forefront of every decision.

More Than Just a Bag:

Canopy Verde is about creating heirlooms, not trends. The use of high-quality materials and timeless designs ensures your bag will remain a cherished companion for years to come. Each bag features signature wood details and a pop of orange lining – a touch of joy and recognition every time you open it.

Join the Movement:

Canopy Verde is an invitation to embrace a mindful approach to style. It's about choosing quality over quantity, and surrounding yourself with well-made pieces that reflect your values. Explore the collection and discover a bag that complements your life, season after season.

Why did we choose this product?

Why You'll Love a Canopy Verde Bag: Sustainable Style Without Compromise
Tired of flimsy handbags that go out of style after a season? At Canopy Verde, we believe in creating beautiful, timeless pieces that are kind to the planet. Here's why your everyday essentials will find a perfect, eco-conscious home in a Canopy Verde bag:

Sustainable & Vegan: We use eco-friendly materials and avoid animal products, aligning with your values and minimizing environmental impact.
Crafted to Last: High-quality construction and timeless designs ensure your bag becomes a cherished companion for years to come.
Minimalist Chic: Inspired by mid-century Danish design, our bags offer clean lines and functionality, making them a versatile staple for any wardrobe.
Waste-Conscious Production: We prioritize responsible practices at every stage, minimizing waste and giving leftover materials a second life.
Woman-Owned Business: You'll be supporting a small, female-founded brand that champions sustainability and ethical production.
Signature Details: Each bag features unique wood accents and a pop of orange lining, adding a touch of personality and joy.
Canopy Verde is more than just a bag; it's a statement about mindful consumption and timeless style. It's about choosing quality pieces that reflect your values and complement your life, season after season.

Ready to experience the difference? Explore the Canopy Verde collection and find your perfect sustainable match!

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