Climb Higher & Thrive! Elm Dirt Bendable Moss & Coir Poles - Support Climbing Plants, Naturally (30")

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Brand: Elm Dirt

Material:30" Bendable Moss Pole ™


Unleash your climbing plants' climbing potential with Elm Dirt's Bendable Moss & Coir Poles! These beautifully crafted, two-foot supports offer the perfect blend of nature's embrace and flexible design, allowing your leafy companions to reach new heights in lush, healthy growth.

Nature's Embrace for Growth:

    • Choose your path: Opt for the premium sphagnum moss exterior for maximum moisture retention and natural beauty, or select the durable Manila coir outer layer for exceptional drainage and climbing grip.
    • Bendable Support: Gently shape the sturdy galvanized steel frame to mimic your plant's unique climbing style, providing optimal support and encouragement.
    • Stable Foundation: Each pole rests on a solid granite base, preventing lean and ensuring stability even for the most enthusiastic climbers.
    • Eco-Conscious Choice: Feel good knowing both poles are crafted with sustainable materials and are completely pesticide-free, safe for your plants and the planet.

Elm Dirt Bendable Moss & Coir Poles offer more than just climbing support:

    • Effortless installation: Simply insert your plant's aerial roots into the moss or coir and secure them with the included floral pins or reusable plant tape.
    • Versatility at its Finest: Ideal for a wide range of climbing plants, from monsteras and pothos to philodendrons and ivy, these poles adapt to their specific needs.
    • Aesthetic Appeal: These natural beauties add a touch of organic charm to any indoor or outdoor garden, complementing your leafy friends with their rustic elegance.

Watch your climbing plants ascend to new heights of thriving beauty with Elm Dirt's Bendable Moss & Coir Poles! Order yours today and let the climb begin!


30" Bendable Coir Pole™

• 2 feet of reusable plant tape (Included)
• Galvanized steel frame (no harm to plants);
• Premium Manila coir outer layer;
• 1 solid granite stone anti-lean base - 4" long x 2.25" wide x .9" thick

30" Bendable Moss Pole™

• Floral Pins (Included)
• Galvanized steel frame (no harm to plants)
• Premium Sphagnum Moss Mix
• 100% Sustainably Farmed
• Completely Natural and Pesticide Free 
• Eco-Friendly 
• 1 solid granite stone anti-lean base - 4" long x 2.25" wide x .9" thick

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