Eco-dough kids, 3 packs, Eco-friendly, Non toxic, 2 variants: Primary color or Gray scale.

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Style:Primary Color Scale

Youngsters can learn about color theory while having fun mixing our unique selection of white, black, and gray eco-dough or primary color eco-dough.

These sets provide hours of artistic exploration as well as engaging children with an opportunity to learn the basics of color theory by experimenting with mixing and blending the primary colors or the black and white included in these two different assortments.

Product features

  • MADE FROM fruit, recycled material, banana fiber, all-natural ingredients
  • This process vividly demonstrates how these simple three colors can be blended to create a myriad of hues. 
  • Includes 3 colors and 27 oz of dough total.
  • Ages 3 years & up

CARE Add a few drops of olive oil and rework if the dough is left out and becomes dry. Use water and a sponge if the product gets into the carpet. Store in a cool dry place - shaded from direct sunlight.

Through the design and intention of their products, eco-kids aims to:
  • Simplify children's toys
  • Remove gender/race biases from children's products
  • Create time and space for a child's inner journey
  • Emphasize the joy of discovery, imagination, creation, learning
  • Engage parents and caregivers in their children's playtime
  • Reduce screen time
  • Reduce/eliminate unsustainable ingredients, packaging, and practices
  • Reduce plastic use 

Brand: eco-kids

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