Unleash Vibrant Blooms: Award-Winning Bloom Juice by Elm Dirt

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Brand: Elm Dirt

Size:32 oz x 3 ($19.95/bottle)

Fuel vibrant blooms and flourishing gardens with Bloom Juice, the award-winning plant booster from Elm Dirt! This unique formula, crafted with living microorganisms and essential nutrients, is specifically designed to enhance and magnify flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

Unlock the Potential of Your Plants:

  • Living formula: Speeds up the delivery of essential nutrients for blooming plants.
  • Rich in nutrients: Contains phosphorus, calcium, and iron for optimal growth.
  • Ideal for all plants: Supports vibrant blooms in flowers, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Sustainable and safe: Made with natural ingredients and packaged in 100% post-consumer plastic bottles.

Experience the Bloom Juice Difference:

  • Award-winning formula: Proven to help revive and revitalize plants.
  • Living product: Variations in color, smell, and finish are natural and do not affect performance.
  • Safe and easy to use: Simply dilute and apply to your plants.

Discover the story of a champion rose grower who used Bloom Juice to win 57 ribbons at the Missouri State Rose Championship!

Ready to witness the transformative power of Bloom Juice in your own garden?

Shop Bloom Juice today and unleash the vibrant potential of your plants!

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