✨ Breathtaking Bloom: Ariana Ost's Cascading Floral Wall Hanging - Handcrafted Brass Beauty, Nature-Inspired Elegance (Made in USA)

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Brand: Ariana Ost


 Embrace the captivating charm of nature with Ariana Ost's Cascading Floral Wall Hanging, a masterpiece of handcrafted brass that brings nature's delicate beauty indoors. Witness as lifelike sweet pea and peony flowers delicately cascade down from a rustic twig, each petal meticulously sculpted and bent for stunning dimension and a breathtakingly realistic feel.

Unleash the Essence of Spring:

    • Handcrafted with love: Each piece is a labor of love, made in NYC by the talented Ariana Ost team, guaranteeing exceptional quality and artistry.
    • Nature's touch: Bring the soothing charm of blooming flowers into your home, creating a space of tranquility and natural elegance.
    • Shimmering elegance: Delicate chains dance with the light, adding a touch of ethereal beauty to the cascading floral design.
    • Versatile masterpiece: Grace your living room, bedroom, or garden with this enchanting piece, or gift it to loved ones who cherish handmade artistry and botanical charm.
    • Sustainable beauty: Invest in an heirloom-quality wall hanging crafted from durable brass, built to last and add everlasting beauty to your space.

More than just art, this cascading floral wall hanging is an invitation to slow down, appreciate the delicate details of nature, and discover the magic that blossoms within your own home.

    • Spark conversations: This captivating piece is a guaranteed conversation starter, inviting guests to marvel at the intricate craftsmanship and lifelike blooms.
    • Nurture your soul: Surround yourself with the calming energy of nature's beauty, fostering a sense of peace and relaxation within your sanctuary.
    • Support American artisans: Invest in a piece crafted with love and skill by talented American artisans, supporting their passion and preserving our nation's artistic heritage.
    • Embrace the magic of blooming beauty: Every glance at this cascading floral wall hanging is a reminder to cherish the simple joys of life and the transformative power of nature's art.

Add Ariana Ost's Cascading Floral Wall Hanging to your cart today and let the delicate dance of petals and light illuminate your space with natural grace and handcrafted charm!


Measurements: 10.5" x 26.5"



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