Authentic Mexican Hot Chocolate Gift Set: Experience the Ritual & Rich Flavor

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Brand: Verve Culture

Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Mexican hot chocolate with this exquisite gift set from Verve Culture.

More than just a drink, it's a cultural experience. Our carefully curated set includes everything you need to prepare authentic Mexican hot chocolate, just like they do in Mexico.

Gift of Exquisite Flavor:

  • Handcrafted Villa Real Chocolate: Made in Oaxaca using a time-honored recipe, these chocolate tablets with almonds are the foundation for a delicious and complex hot chocolate drink.
  • Traditional Clay Jug: This artisanal jug, crafted from natural clay, adds a touch of earthy elegance to your table and gently infuses the chocolate with a unique flavor.
  • Large Wooden Molinillo: This hand-carved whisk, made from alder wood, is the heart of the Mexican hot chocolate ritual. It creates a frothy and smooth hot chocolate unlike any other.

Experience the Artisanship:

Each piece in this set is lovingly handcrafted by skilled artisans in Mexico, ensuring an authentic and high-quality experience.

The Perfect Gift:

This beautiful and functional gift set is perfect for chocolate lovers, foodies, and anyone who appreciates the finer things in life.

Order your Verve Culture Mexican Hot Chocolate Gift Set today and embark on a delicious journey to Mexico!


Meet the Artisans

Chocolate: Family-owned business Villa Real treats cocoa the traditional way, as a sacred ingredient inherited from their ancestors. 

Clay Jug: Rodolfo Pila loves to create functional, decorative art. He makes our gorgeous Hot Chocolate Jug, which uses the age-old technique of polishing the clay with stones to give each piece a rich hue after the second firing. 

Large Molinillo: Juan Alonso has spent the last 47 years making Molinillos. From small sizes to stunning 3 and 4 foot complex pieces, his work is exceptional. He works alongside with his two sons in their workshop. Estabon, 38, has been making Molinillos for 3 years with his father. Luis Alberto, 24, who studied Fine Arts at the University in Toluca. 



Villa Real Mexican Hot Chocolate with Almonds

  • Ingredients: Cocoa butter, sugar, almond, nuts and spices
  • Allergen statement: Includes nuts
  • Made in Mexico

Dimensions & Care

Hot Chocolate Jug:

The hot chocolate jug gets better with time and care. It needs to be cured, but it’s worth it. To cure it, fill with cool water below its rim and heat until the water becomes warm for 10 minutes on the stove. Turn off the heat, and allow the water and pot to cool. Discard the water, and your clay pot is ready to use.

9" H (to rim) 10.5" H (to top of handle) 4.5" Diameter at rim, 22" Diameter at center, 3.5" Diameter at base.

Capacity: Appx. 68 oz / 2 Liters (these are all handmade so variations in size will occur).

Note: *This jug is a cooking vessel, and not recommended as a water pitcher as the terracotta clay will sweat. The condensation that collects on the outside is normal, and does not imply that the jug is leaking.


Traditional Large Molinillo:

Hand wash with warm soapy water.
Length - 13 - 14”
Please note: Each piece is handmade and sizes may vary slightly.


Villa Real Mexican Hot Chocolate:
Set of 5 discs, 250g total

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