✨ Radiate Joy & Manifest Abundance: Ariana Ost Sunburst Healing Crystal Grid (Rose Gold, Gold, Silver)

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Brand: Ariana Ost


Embrace vibrant energy and positive vibes with the stunning Sunburst Healing Crystal Grid by Ariana Ost. Featuring a captivating aura quartz point in rose gold, gold, or silver, this handcrafted masterpiece radiates light and amplifies the power of your chosen crystals, attracting joy, abundance, love, and protection into your life.

Unleash the Magic:

    • Radiant glow: Bask in the iridescent shimmer of the aura quartz point, a powerful symbol of positive energy and healing.
    • Amplified intentions: Arrange your crystals within the geometric grid to magnify their individual energies and manifest your desires.
    • Handmade with love: Each grid is a true work of art, meticulously crafted in Ariana Ost's design studio.
    • Ethically sourced: Feel good knowing your crystals are responsibly sourced from Brazil.
    • Multifaceted benefits: Inspire joy, attract abundance, strengthen love, foster celebration, and find protection and healing - all with one captivating piece.

More than just a decoration, the Sunburst Healing Crystal Grid is a portal to transformation.

    • Elevate your space: Infuse your environment with vibrant energy and the mesmerizing beauty of natural crystals.
    • Manifest your dreams: Set your intentions with this powerful grid and witness as the potent energy propels your visions into reality.
    • Embrace mindful rituals: Immerse yourself in the practice of crystal gridding and connect with the healing power of nature.
    • Gift with love: Share the magic with friends and family who appreciate unique, meaningful treasures.

Ready to radiate joy and attract abundance into your life? Add the Sunburst Healing Crystal Grid to your cart today and unlock a world of vibrant energy, powerful intentions, and transformative magic!

This grid is intended to inspire and manifest joy, abundance, love, celebration of life, protection and healing.

Dimensions - 8-9" diameter

Weight -  7oz


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