2ndGround | Soap Sampler

2ndGround: The Upcycling Soap Business that's Saving the Planet One Soap at a Time

We're excited to announce that we've recently added a new brand to Closiist.com - 2nd Ground, an upcycling soap business.

Created by Mark Guerino, the brand takes espresso grounds from local coffee shops after they've been used and uses them to make exfoliating soap. Each product is handmade in Brooklyn with sustainable packaging, practices, and ingredients.

Mark's inspiration for 2nd Ground came from his passion for recycling and being environmentally conscious. One day, while researching ways to recycle coffee, he stumbled upon an article about how coffee was being used in skincare. The idea of using old coffee grounds immediately caught his attention, and with a little experimentation, he filed for his LLC just one month later.

At 2nd Ground, upcycling is a core value. Mark's motivation is to spread the idea of upcycling and encourage others to adopt environmental ethics to reduce waste, particularly plastic. The coffee used in 2nd Ground's soap only comes from espresso grounds, and the making process is patented.

We're proud to sell 5 variants of 2nd Ground's soap on Closiist.com - Coconut, Lavender, Barbershop, Tobacco & Bay Leaf, and Vanilla Latte - as well as a set with 3 soaps (2 larges and 1 medium). By supporting 2nd Ground, you're not only getting a quality skincare product, but also contributing to a more sustainable future.