2ndGround - 3 Upycled Soap Set

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Fragrance for Large Bar 1:Barbershop
Fragrance for Large Bar 2:Barbershop
Fragrance for Medium Bar:Barbershop

Introducing 2ndGround's 3 Soap Set - the perfect addition to your daily routine. With 2 large soaps (5oz each) and 1 medium soap (2.5oz), this set has you covered from head to toe.

Our soaps are made with upcycled espresso grounds collected from local coffee shops in Brooklyn, NY. We sanitize and sift the post-brewed grounds to provide a gentle exfoliating experience.

Each bar is handmade with care and features a unique layered design. Start your morning off with the invigorating coffee scrub layer, cleansing away dead skin cells to reveal your true radiance. Then, nourish your skin with the vitamin-rich soap layer made with all-natural and organic ingredients.

This 3 Soap Set is the perfect combination of exfoliation and hydration for all skin types. Choose when to scrub and when to lather, all while feeling good about using eco-friendly and sustainable products. Try 2ndGround's 3 Soap Set today and experience the difference in your skin.

Brand: 2ndGround

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