Spark Creativity: Playful Set of 6 Primary Color Playsilks by Sarah's Silks

Sarah's Silks
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Unleash your child's imagination with Sarah's Silks Set of 6 Primary Playsilks!

This vibrant set features luxuriously soft, 100% mulberry silk squares, hand-dyed in a stunning array of primary colors (purple, royal, emerald, gold, orange, and red). These open-ended toys are perfect for sparking creativity and sensory exploration in children of all ages.

Why Choose Sarah's Silks?

  • Sensory Play: Nurture your child's senses with the soft, smooth texture of pure mulberry silk.
  • Open-Ended Play: The possibilities are endless! Playsilks can be capes, scarves, dolls, building blocks, and anything their imagination desires.
  • Encourages Creativity & Independence: Playsilks empower children to express themselves freely and explore their creativity.
  • Safe & Natural: Made from 100% mulberry silk, a natural and eco-friendly material.
  • Long-lasting Play Value: These heirloom-quality silks will be cherished for years to come.

Sarah's Silks is a family-owned company dedicated to creating open-ended toys that inspire imaginative play.

Give your child the gift of creativity! Order your Set of 6 Primary Playsilks today!

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