Feminist Values to Destroy the Patriarchy: A Personal and Political History of the Riot Grrrl Era

Microcosm Publishing
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  • Insightful and personal history of early-2000s subcultures
  • Explores the difficulty of applying feminist values to real-life dilemmas
  • Traces the sometimes painful clash between feminist values and everyday, adult realities
  • Examines issues such as domestic violence, racial consciousness, and body positivity
  • Written by Eleanor Whitney, a feminist activist and musician


  • Learn about the Riot Grrrl movement and its lasting impact
  • Gain insights into the challenges of living a feminist life in the real world
  • Explore your own political and personal consciousness
  • Find inspiration and community in Whitney's story

Order your copy of Feminist Values to Destroy the Patriarchy today and learn more about the Riot Grrrl era and its relevance for today!

  • Paperback book.
  • Product Dimensions: 8x5x0.5 in
  • 191 pages

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