Why is It Important to Buy Local?

Why is It Important to Buy Local?


We all have more power than we often imagine to change things for the better. One great thing we can do is think more local when it comes to what we buy.

When We Buy Local, We Reduce Our Individual Carbon Footprints

Everything we buy, whether food, clothes or other items, comes at a cost. But those costs are not just financial. We also have to think about costs to people and planet. Buying local means items will have to travel less to reach you. They'll usually have a lower carbon cost overall. Buying local cuts the emissions of greenhouse gases, and can help mitigate global warming.

Buying Local Can Also Help us Reduce Waste in All Its Forms

Moving towards a zero waste lifestyle should be a key goal. When we buy local, we can reduce waste in all its forms. Buying from local, sustainable farmers, producers and craftspeople often cuts down on waste when it comes to energy, water and other resources. Local items can also often be far less packaged – which also helps us cut down on plastic waste and tackle our plastic waste crisis.

When We Buy Local, We Boost The Resilience of Our Community

Buy local and you won't just help tackle global problems. You'll also be helping tackle issues closer to home. Choosing to buy locally helps local sustainable businesses, strengthening communities economically and socially in a wide range of ways.

And those are just some of the reasons why it is important to buy local.