Throwback to Green for Blue Launch!

Throwback to Green for Blue Launch!

On a rainy and icy winter evening in New York City, a group of experts gathered to discuss the topic of sustainability in the urban environment. The First Green for blue event, held at One 15 in Brooklyn, was attended by a diverse group of individuals (Novice and initiate) who were eager to learn more about how they could make a positive impact on the environment.

The evening began with 1 hour of  "Time for yourself", a bit like French way with apero. One hour to drink a glass of wine and meet the guests before the presentation. Followed with Closiist and Green for Blue presentation with Julie & Benjamin Thibault-Dury. 

Closiist and Green For blue, sustainability in NYC Closiist Presentation during Green for blue launch in NYC Buy sustainable in usa with Closiist eshop
The first speaker was Francine Prewitt, a New York immigration and business lawyer. She talked about how she will work with Closiist to help small businesses.

Prewitt cabinet avocat a New York, pour l'immigration et le business 

The second speaker was Andrea Reyes, she is the Chair of the NYC Fair Trade Coalition, a network of small ethical business owners and advocates. Andrea shared about NYC Fair Trade Coalition vision and mission, and how you can become a member or volunteer. 

NYC fair trade coalition with Closiist and Green for blue.

The third speaker was Alexander Morgan who presented Ecorate. He presented his app and the last update he did to help you to have a more sustainable daily life in NYC.

Ecorate, app to drink sustainable coffee in the world and New York

The fourth speaker was Stephanie Korbely a representative from a non-profit organization "Women & Climate". She discussed the staggering amount of food that is wasted each year and shared some of the strategies that individuals, businesses, and organizations can use to reduce their food waste.

Closiist and Green for blue interview women and climate during a sustainable event in NYC 

The fifth speaker was Francois Servranckx, Green gooding owner. Who discussed the importance of renting appliances rather than buying in the city.

Green gooding in Maison Jar, Brooklyn was at Green for blue event with closiist 

Overall, the event was a huge success and attendees left feeling informed and inspired to take action and make a positive impact on the environment. The organizers of the event are already planning for the next event, online with Paul Watson.

Paul watson with Closiist and Green for blue, world whale day event.