The Creators family

Adam, Julie, Benjamin, Nuage (Cloud), Fleur (flower)
and our daughter (due date November).
Adam (9 years) : Adam is a shark specialist. He knows a lot about them. He has been a homeschooler for 1 year. And he started to write an encyclopedia about sharks in order to make as many people as possible understand the importance of not killing these animals. He loves nature, hates pollution, he is vegetarian.
Julie : Entrepreneur in the soul since childhood. Hates the injustices, vegetarian during a good part of her childhood. In love with freedom, dreams.
Benjamin : In love with the sky like the oceans, he is a traveler in the soul. He was already dreaming of sailing around the world before meeting Julie. Flexitarian.
Nuage (Cloud : 1 year) : The daughter of a friend saved him from certain death, he was only a few weeks old. Julie and Benjamin decided to adopt him, they had to feed him the nursing bottle, weigh him every day to be sure, this kitten survives. He didn´t know how to meow, and he didn´t act like a cat. That's when they decided to adopt a second cat, so that Cloud wouldn't get bored, and learn to be a cat 😉
Fleur (Flower : 1 year) : A lovely cat too, she taught Cloud to meow, she argues with him quite often, which makes the whole house laugh. She has a pretty funny habit, she spends her time looking at everyone through the mirrors in the house. Perhaps she took the course in Greek mythology (Medusa) with Adam.
And a baby is coming in November 🙂 Adam is so happy to have a sister. Her bed is already in his room with some toys and clothes. She´s coming for his birthday, a beautiful gift.