Sustainable but not perfect

I want to share with you today the work of a great French illustrator Karine captured so well the dilemma faced by every eco-consumer. We want to limit our impact on the planet and make the right choices but it is so difficult to find the right solution. 
When you become conscious that every choice you make will have a consequence on your environment, you start asking yourself a multitude of questions and can easily get overwhelmed by the quantity of information, sometimes conflicting, you receive. 
I don't count the number of times when I thought I had found The sustainable solution to realize it wasn't really one. 
Yes, we can feel lost sometimes, we are not perfect, nobody is. And THAT'S OK! 
We are trying our best. We are conscious of our impact. That's already a big step forward. By doing that, we are changing the world and letting the industry know that we want a change.
If you ever feel like you need help or have questions, feel free to reach out to me, the far from perfect gal, who just loves helping and wants to live in a better world. I don't have all the answers but it's more fun to find solutions together.
Green, but not Perfect, and that's OK! 
Valerie @ekologicall