Real Tree vs Artificial Tree by Closiist

Real Tree vs Artificial Tree

Which one is the best choice? Artificial Christmas Tree or real Christmas Tree?
We wanted to help you with this big Holidays debate.
The answer is simpler than it seems. We hope this will help you.
The use of artificial trees does not have the same impact as real trees. So even if cutting down a tree every year may seem cruel, it would be preferable to an artificial tree (pollution).
🎄Real trees absorb carbon and use 10x fewer resources than artificial tree factories
🎄For every tree cut down each year, 1 to 3 new seedling trees are planted
🎄Artificial trees are definitely not great for health, especially if there are kids or pets at home.
What to do if you already have an artificial Christmas Tree? Answer in the comment


Reel Tree vs artificial tree
What you need to know Before you buy a Christmas tree
One thing you can do is ask if the tree farm you are buying from sprays pesticides or is organic. Many conventional trees can be treated with pesticides like glyphosate (Roundup) and chlorpyrifos (6) that you don't want in your home and that aren't good for the environment or farmworkers.
Artificial Trees at home and pollution by Closiist
What's happen after use artificial Christmas tree and a real tree?
Don't panic! If you are an owner of an artificial Christmas tree made out of PVC, there are precautions you can take to reduce your family's exposure to lead and phthalates.

When you first get your artificial tree, let it air out outside or in the garage before bringing it inside! You want the plastic-like smell to dissipate (these are VOCs and not good for indoor air!).
Try using gloves when handling the tree and wash your hands before you snack and eat.
Don't let children play with the tree. After you decorate the tree, have it remain just that, a decoration! And of course, wash your children's hands before they eat or snack.
Vacuum with a HEPA filter regularly. This will ensure that any chemicals are sucked away!