Michelle Li, woman and climate in NYC

Meet Michelle Li - Clever Carbon & Women & Climate

Women are taking action on climate change

Women are disproportionately affected by climate change, but they are also playing a leading role in the fight against it. From grassroots organizing to policy advocacy, women are working to build a more sustainable future for all.

One of the most important ways that women are taking action on climate change is through community building. Women are creating safe spaces where they can learn about climate change, share their experiences, and develop solutions. These communities provide support and inspiration, and they help to build a sense of collective power.

Women are also leading the way in climate policy advocacy. They are pushing for bolder action to reduce emissions and protect the environment. They are also working to ensure that climate solutions are equitable and inclusive.

The work of women on climate change is essential. It is helping to raise awareness, build momentum, and create the change we need to see.

Meet Michelle Li, the founder of Women and Climate

  • Can you introduce yourself?
    • Hi, my name is Michelle! I’m a Climate Champion and work on two projects: Clever Carbon and Women and Climate! At Clever Carbon we teach people about carbon footprint in a hip and fun way. At Women and Climate we create a joyful and safe space for more women to learn and talk about climate!

Michelle interviewed about Clever Carbon & W&C with Green for the blue. 

  • Have you studied climate change courses?
    • Yes! Education is key to understanding climate change. I’ve taken a few courses on Coursera including Introduction to Sustainability. I also dedicate time weekly to literature, podcasts, and media.
  • Where do you live?
    • If you asked me at the beginning of the year, I would say New York, but I have been a nomad since February 2023.
    • What are your concerns about the future of climate change?
      • We have a limited time to accomplish the world’s largest change management operation. Will we act fast enough to prevent widespread collapse?

    Women & Climate beginning

    • Why did you find W&C?
      • I created Women and Climate because I did not get a lot of satisfaction out of attending just networking events. I wanted to have deeper conversations, learn about different perspectives, and also meet like-minded individuals. As a tech professional turned Climate Champion, the journey was not easy, and I want to make it easier and fun for women to start their climate journey.
      • For whom did you found W&C?
        • I’ll be honest - in the beginning, it was mostly for me to meet like-minded individuals! As Women and Climate began to grow, I knew that there were many women out there that could benefit from community support!
        • Where is W&C located?
          • We started in New York but have now activated over 23 cities from North America to Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Latin America.
          • What is your vision for the future of W&C?
            • I’d like to unite all women who are interested in climate change and passionate about taking action. I’d love for us to have regular virtual events to bring our community together for networking and learning and I’d like to see our Women and Climate Speakers featured at all types of global events including COP, Davos, SXSW, and more.
            • What do you think women can do to address climate change?
              • Take action! That’s what we’re good at, and on top of that, we like rolling up sleeves up and being a part of the solution. Women have an incredible platform and through community, we can amplify our messaging and create the change we want to see for a thriving planet!

            How to become a member of Woman and Climate?

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