How to become sustainable in NYC? Green for Blue, Youtube channel by Closiist.

GREEN FOR BLUE by CLOSIIST - Julie's message for YOU

I am Julie Thibault-Dury, Closiist Co-owner, the best sustainable alternative to Amazon.
I met so many people who act to save the planet in NYC, that I decided to interview them in short videos nto make a Sustainable Guide for New Yorkers!

AND because you are not a multinational company doesn't mean you're not interesting.

It is because you are more sustainable than a multinational that you are interesting for us.

Our customers often ask us how to start a more sustainable life. We help them, but buying sustainable products on Closiist is not enough. The New Yorkers we meet will help you, bring you solutions, and ideas. 

YouTube channel Green for the blue by Closiist.

We drop a new episode every Monday on Youtube. 

Together we can change the world.

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To be interviewed:
Green For Blue by CLOSIIST, Interviews all sustainable New Yorkers