Grain de Sail is in Brooklyn.

Grain de Sail is in Brooklyn.

We had the chance to visit Grain de Sail in Brooklyn. And taste the wines it carries.

But what exactly is Grain de Sail?

Grain de Sail uses “retro-innovation” to ship wines and spirits from France to the USA with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Grain de Sail is a modern cargo sailboat, powered by more than 350 square meters of sail area, with seven sails – mainsail, foremast, staysail, working jib, solent, genoa, and asymmetric spinnaker – the 72-foot aluminum schooner can manage an average speed of 8 knots upwind. She has a 50-ton capacity, and the hull is designed to welcome 26 U.S. pallets holding 15,000 wine bottles. Once loaded through deck hatches, the cargo is secured and preserved in a cargo hold stabilized in temperature and hygrometry to make it the world’s first floating wine cellar under sail.