GFB 5: Bigger than US by Flore Vasseur

GFB 5: Bigger than US by Flore Vasseur

Thursday, April 27
Maysles Cinema - 343 Lenox Ave at 127th Street 

Do you sometimes feel powerless
in front of the various crises of our times?
Do you feel the need to act but without knowing where to start?
Are you looking for small concrete steps at local level? 
We do & we are :-)

That's why Uptown Flicks and Closiist's Green for Blue events have teamed up to curate a full night of brainstorming about what could be the world of tomorrow: 
- Screening of the award-winning documentary Bigger than us by Flore Vasseur, which highlights inspirational tales that emphasize hope and positivity (the film is presented with English subtitles). 
- Panel discussion with local experts and officials moderated by Alexis Buisson (Writer and Journalist at French Morning)
- Cocktail reception with local & vegetarian food & drinks offered by Maison Sablé

Film Tickets available here:
 $15 / $7 for kids, students and seniors
Suggested donation for the talk and cocktail reception:
$10 per person to be paid via venmo

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Adeline, Marie & Julie

6:30pm : Doors open  
6:45pm : Screening starts 
8:20pm : Discussion with local experts & officials starts 
9:20pm : Cocktail reception 

BIGGER THAN US by Flore Vasseur
2021 - France - 96 minutes - English subtitles
Cannes Film Festival 

For six years, Melati, 18, has been fighting the plastic pollution that is ravaging her country, Indonesia. Like her, a generation is rising up to fix the world. Everywhere, teenagers and young adults are fighting for human rights, the climate, freedom of expression, social justice, access to education or food. Dignity. Alone against all odds, sometimes risking their lives and safety, they protect, denounce and care for others. The earth. And they change everything. Melati goes to meet them across the globe. She wants to understand how to hold on and continue her action. From the favelas of Rio to the remote villages of Malawi, from makeshift boats off the island of Lesbos to Native American ceremonies in the mountains of Colorado, Rene, Mary, Xiu, Memory, Mohamad and Winnie reveal a magnificent world, one of courage and joy, of commitment to something bigger than oneself. At a time when everything seems to be or has been falling apart, these young people show us how to live. And what it means to be in the world today.

Bigger than us with Unifrance, Maison sable, Closisit, and Uptown flicks NYC at Maysles documenary center