Eliminate waste in Queens, NYC with Remix Market and the Junkluggers

Eliminate waste in Queens, NYC with Remix Market and the Junkluggers

😀Hello, I am Julie TD, Closiist co-owner (Discount below). I met so many green people in NYC that I decided to interview them. I gave myself 9 months to do it. If you know people who, like us, are sustainable. Share this video with them. Today, I visited the remix market team.

👍💪I live not far from the old Remix Market building. And I had the chance to meet this incredible team during the Marketplace of The future, during Climate Week NYC 2022. I knew that visiting them for a surprise interview on Halloween day would be great. I was not wrong. Go see them, they have very good energy, you can also go there to find a record, dishes, furniture... You will always leave with a smile.


♻ What's Remix Market? "Remix Market NYC is a creative reuse center and fundraiser for Habitat NYC. Operated by The Junkluggers, Remix Market NYC donates & resells furniture, art, and appliances at competitive prices to eliminate waste and make basic necessities accessible to New Yorkers at all income levels.

Remix is open for both retail and wholesale. We offer approximately 30% off to wholesale buyers and waive tax if they can provide a resale certificate.

10% of all proceeds at Remix Market NYC are donated to Habitat NYC. In addition to that monetary contribution, 90% of our inventory is donated to local nonprofits that can provide 501(c)3 status.

Some of our local partners include Habitat ReStore, Salvation Army, Green Tree Textiles, El Barrio Thrift Store, and Hour Children. We are always seeking new organizations that can benefit from our creative reuse efforts. "

And as you can see, the team has incredible energy.



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