DIY bath salt & scrub

DIY bath salt & scrub

DIY bath salt & scrub

Today, we are pleased to present Alice is natural. Alice is French and lives in Texas. On her IG and her blog she shares Eco-friendly tips and recipes to make your own natural products.. 

We are lucky to have her with us today, to present one of her favorite recipe, thank you Alice : 

Ingredients (~2oz) :

3 tbsp of Himalayan salt

4 tbsp of Oat meal powder

Optional : 5 drops of lavender essential and 2 tbps of your favorite dried herbs of flowers (lavender, rose, rosemary, sage...)


How do I do ?

Disinfect all your tools with alcohol.

Pour all the ingredients into a bowl and mix everything together. Once you're done you can put the mix into a cute little jar, or a container.

Use 3 tbps into a warm bath for a relaxing and soothing moment. You can also use the mix as a scrub for your feet or knees, elbows... 

Use within 3 months

If you use essential oils, please be aware it is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. 


If you are making the recipe, let us know below.

And if natural is your jam, but DIY not so much, come browse our very own bath and body products selection!