Cleaning around Socrates Park : Let's put the trash in the garbage, Sunday April 11th 2021

Holidays are coming, It will be the good time to clean our streets. Closiist is located in Astoria NY, and the trash around Socrates Park flies and goes in the river. That's why we need to act and clean around the East river. 

For that we need you on Sunday, April 11th 10:30am at Socrates Park with your gloves and some bags to pick up the trash in the street. 

  • No kids without adults,
  • No drop off
  • Wear a mask and keep your distances

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What’s the big deal about clean streets?

It’s about pride of place.

Whether you rent or own in Astoria, you have to look at litter as you walk to and from your home.

Littered streets convey an attitude of neglect. It’s up to us as a neighborhood to not let this happen.


Trash Happens.

Has city living has made you oblivious to trash blowing down the street
and jaded about 
your neighbor’s un-retrieved newspapers.

Sunday sweep-ups with like-minded people can be fun! It leave you with a sense of accomplishment, and your action will have an immediate impact. And, believe it or not, studies show that people are less likely to litter when streets are clean.