Sustainable business in NYC, Green for Blue by Closiist, a sustainable YouTube channel

Brooklyn: Rent small equipment instead of buy it!

Today, I'm taking you to Greenpoint, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY.

We are going to meet Francois, who has created Green Gooding a small equipment rental service that you can rent by the day or by the week such as a blender, an ice cream-maker, a waffle maker, a raclette machine, an automatic Yogurt Maker, a carpet cleaner, and more.

Why is this sustainable?

Because some of our purchases stay in our cupboards and clutter up. Renting rather than buying saves us money but also saves space. And it prevents our purchases from ending up in the trash when they are in good condition.

This therefore made it possible to save money, but also to test a device before wanting to buy it. If you liked our videos, like and share them. This will help us to make ourselves known and will also encourage us to continue :)