Biggest Myths and Misconceptions around Sustainable Living.

Biggest Myths and Misconceptions around Sustainable Living.

There are so many myths and Misconceptions about sustainable living that can discourage people to start. We are going to discover some of them, if you know of others, tell us below the article, in the comments.

  • Myth 1 : " Sustainable living is expensive" 

I have two answers to this: 

  1. Buy less often but better quality: We all think of saving money by buying cheaper, and very often, after a month, we are forced to buy the same product again. Sometimes just with $5 more, we have a better quality product, which we can keep longer, and which therefore pollutes less. Do you like coffee? Consider the permanent filter. Better for you, because less chemicals, and better for the planet.
  2. Buy second-hand when possible: We love doing it for our children's toys, for clothes as well. This allows you to make great savings while giving new life to objects. Think of Toys Story ;) Thrifted, LGS , for kids Kidizen , Thredup . Tradesy 
  • Myth 2 : " 100% no plastic" & " No trash"

I would love to tell you that today it is possible. But that doesn't always happen. We do our best, and so do you. When I have a choice, I always choose the plastic-free one. A very simple piece of advice: Always carry a light bamboo straw with you.

  • Myth 3 : " Being Vegan"

Yes, it's best for the planet. But don't feel guilty if you want to eat non-vegan products. Be kind to yourself. It is also about having a sustainable life. Need ideas? Look at this incredible blog : Lazy Cat Kitchen

  • Myth 4 : "Too much times"

This can be true if you decide to do it all yourself. But don't forget that companies are there to help you. And we have the products that will save you time and money. At one time, I made my own scrubs, since then I prefer to buy this one. I used to make my own sponges with my old pairs of pantyhose, now I buy Oeko-tex sponges. And when I have time, I'm happy to do it myself. 


Remember before buy:

Quality products save you money because they need to be replaced less frequently, and they support corporate social responsibility measures as well.

It is very difficult to change everything at home. Go step by step, be nice to yourself. You will get there faster with pleasure rather than frustration. Wear "Be kind vibes" t-shirt to remind you.

"Do what makes you feel good, take pleasure in becoming sustainable. It will seem easier to you. Start with what you want."

Julie, Closiist owner"