Discover Timeless Elegance with the Virtuous Circle Mini Hoop Earrings**

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Title:Gold Anodized

Embrace timeless style and ethical craftsmanship with the Virtuous Circle Mini Hoop Earrings, a testament to minimalist elegance and conscious design.

Handcrafted from lightweight and durable aluminum, these hoops offer a touch of sophistication to your everyday look, effortlessly complementing any outfit.

The sterling silver bezel, post, and back ensure comfort and security, while the polished finish adds a touch of refinement.

For those seeking a touch of luxury, the made-to-order 14K gold version features five sparkling diamonds embedded in each hoop, exuding elegance and sophistication.


  • Handcrafted from sustainable aluminum for a lightweight and eco-conscious choice
  • Sterling silver bezel, post, and back for comfort and security
  • Polished finish for a touch of elegance
  • Made-to-order 14K gold version with five diamonds for a luxurious upgrade


  • Elevate your style with timeless hoop earrings that complement any outfit
  • Embrace sustainable fashion with jewelry crafted from recycled materials
  • Make a positive impact by supporting traditional Laotian artisan livelihoods and village development
  • Contribute to MAG (Mines Advisory Group) in their efforts to clear unexploded bombs in Laos
  • Experience the satisfaction of wearing jewelry that aligns with your values and commitment to sustainability

Discover the perfect blend of style, sustainability, and ethical craftsmanship with the Virtuous Circle Mini Hoop Earrings. Order yours today and elevate your everyday look while making a positive impact.


Your purchase contributes to MAG (Mines Advisory Group) to safely & expertly clear some of the 80 million unexploded bombs contaminating land in Laos.

$90 Peacebomb Al clears 5m2 of Lao land

$120 Gold Tone Peacebomb Al clears 7.5m2 of Lao land

$495 clears 30m2 of Lao land 

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