Unicorn Hanging Tooth Fairy Bag - Handmade, Eco-Friendly and Fair Trade

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The Unicorn Tooth Bag is one of our new animal toothies. 

They are the perfect Tooth Fairy helper.

Soft and snuggly enough to go under a pillow. They feature a pocket in the back for teeth or money. The attached hanging cord fits over a door knob for the lighter sleepers. If all you want for Christmas is your two front teeth, then they're cute as a button for the Christmas tree also!

  • Features traditional Guatemalan hand-woven fabric accents.
  • 100% cotton.
  • 3 3/4"H x 3"W 100%
  • Cotton Pocket 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" on back Hanging cord. 
  • Colors may vary slightly from photos.
  • Sold Individually

Brand: UPAVIM Crafts

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