Spark Imagination: Sarah's Silks Enchanted Mini Playsilks Set (5 Pieces)

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Unwind creativity in miniature with Sarah's Silks Enchanted Mini Playsilks Set! This captivating collection features five, 21" x 21" squares of luxuriously soft, 100% mulberry silk, hand-dyed in beautiful color harmonies inspired by nature (Rainbow, Star, Sea, Blossom, Fire).

These open-ended play wonders are perfect for:

  • Sensory Exploration: The soft texture of mulberry silk provides a delightful tactile experience for young minds.
  • Imaginative Play: Transform these versatile squares into capes, scarves, dolls, building blocks, and anything a child's imagination desires.
  • Creative Expression: Empower children to explore their creativity and express themselves freely through open-ended play.
  • Natural & Safe: Made from 100% mulberry silk, a natural and eco-friendly material, these playsilks are safe for curious little hands.

Sarah's Silks is a family-owned company dedicated to creating open-ended toys that inspire imaginative play.

Gift the magic of creativity! Order your Enchanted Mini Playsilks Set today!

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