Savor Sustainable Luxury: Grain de Sel Dark Chocolate Bar (85% Cocoa)

Grain de Sail
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Indulge in rich, dark chocolate with a difference! Grain de Sail's 85% Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar is a luxurious treat crafted with the finest organic ingredients and a commitment to sustainability. Sail-shipped cocoa beans from Central America and the Caribbean meet ethically sourced cane sugar for an unforgettable taste experience.

These epicurean delights take a unique journey by sailboat all the way from Central America and the Caribbean to New York before arriving at Closiist.

This decadent bar boasts:

  • Deep, 85% cocoa intensity for dark chocolate purists
  • Smooth texture and rich, natural flavor
  • Organic certification for peace of mind
  • Sustainable practices you can feel good about

Grain de Sel is committed to eco-friendly practices, using a sailboat to transport their cocoa beans and minimizing their environmental impact.

Ingredients: Cocoa Liquor**, Cane Sugar**, Cocoa Butter**, Sea Salt, Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin** (all Organic)

Made with Fair Trade ingredients and suitable for most dietary needs (vegan, gluten-free, and Kosher certified).


Size: 3.5 oz

Experience the taste of sustainable luxury. Order your Grain de Sel Dark Chocolate Bar today!

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