Streamline Your Essentials with the Sustainable and Versatile OG Cardholder

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Brand: Tiradia Cork


Experience the epitome of minimalist style and sustainable design with the OG Cardholder, a handcrafted cork wallet tailored for an active lifestyle.

Meticulously crafted from sustainably sourced cork, this cardholder offers a sleek and lightweight design, making it the perfect companion for commuting, work meetings, errands, or your workout sessions.

Its six card slots provide ample space for your essential cards, while the snug center compartment securely holds your cash or folded bills.

Embrace eco-conscious living with a cardholder crafted from a natural and renewable material, reducing your environmental impact without compromising on style or functionality.


  • Handcrafted from sustainably sourced cork for a sustainable and eco-conscious choice
  • Slim and lightweight design for effortless portability
  • Six card slots for organizing your essential cards
  • Snug center compartment for securely holding cash or folded bills
  • Unisex design suitable for both men and women


  • Streamline your daily essentials and travel light with a compact and functional cardholder
  • Experience the natural beauty and durability of cork, a sustainable and renewable material
  • Make a statement for the planet with an eco-friendly and vegan wallet
  • Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a slim and lightweight cardholder that fits seamlessly into your pocket or purse
  • Embrace minimalist living and simplify your wallet without sacrificing functionality

Embrace sustainability and minimalist style with the OG Cardholder. Order yours today and experience the perfect blend of functionality and eco-consciousness.

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