Fugitive Gardens: How to Grow Food on an NYC Fire Escape

Microcosm Publishing
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Even if you live in a big, dirty city, you can still grow your own lush herb and vegetable garden year-round. Claire Tuna, author of the zine, walks you through the basics of fire escape gardening, like choosing containers, soil, and plants, as well as how to deal with pests and make sure your fire escape is still safe in case of a fire.


    • A guide to growing food on a fire escape in NYC
    • Tips for choosing containers, soil, and plants
    • How to deal with pests and make sure your fire escape is still safe
    • A planting calendar tailored to the NYC climate
    • In-depth instructions for growing tomatoes, herbs, peas, cucumbers, strawberries, and more
    • Blueprints and profiles of real-life NYC fire escape gardens


    • Grow your own fresh, healthy food
    • Save money on groceries
    • Reduce your environmental impact
    • Get some exercise and fresh air
    • Beautify your fire escape
    • Make your home more inviting


    • Containers (pots, planters, etc.)
    • Soil
    • Plants
    • Water
    • Fertilizer (optional)

Start growing your own food today! Order your copy of Fugitive Gardens and learn how to grow a lush, productive garden on your fire escape.

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