Journeys With Plant Spirits: Plant Consciousness Healing

Microcosm Publishing
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Have you ever wondered how plants perceive the world? Do they have a consciousness as humans do? In Journeys With Plant Spirits, you will learn how to harness the consciousness of plant life to:

    • Achieve a calm mind
    • Cleanse your energy field
    • Connect with your heart

This book offers a series of meditations adapted from shamanic and indigenous wisdom traditions, showing how plants can support us in:

    • The cleansing process
    • Sensing what is in our energy field


    • Learn how to communicate and develop relationships with plant and tree spirits
    • Access plant spirit healing through meditation with plants
    • Discover how each plant is an expression of the soul force of Mother Nature
    • Learn how to work with plant spirits for emotional and spiritual healing
    • Awaken your eternal spirit, or soul, to become truly multidimensional and whole


    • Develop a deeper connection with nature
    • Experience personal growth and spiritual development
    • Find inner peace and healing
    • Learn valuable life lessons from the plant world


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