Detox Your Place: Room by Room Remedies for Nontoxic Living

Microcosm Publishing
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  • Comprehensive guide to detoxing your home room by room
  • Well-researched advice on a variety of topics, including making your own cleaning products, selecting paint, choosing a vacuum cleaner, replacing furniture and insulation, and more
  • Includes recipes for creating your own versions of everyday items, tips on what to buy and avoid, and facts about various products and materials
  • Written in a clear and concise style


  • Learn how to create a safer and healthier home for yourself and your loved ones
  • Reduce your exposure to harsh chemicals and pollutants
  • Save money on cleaning products and other household items
  • Live a more sustainable lifestyle

Order your copy of Detox Your Place today and start detoxing your home for a healthier future!

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