Ignite Tranquility: Luxe Natural Soy Candles (Handcrafted, Sustainable, Long-Lasting)

Mumu Bath
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Candle Scent:Earth & Sea

Embrace the art of slow living with Mumu Bath's Luxe Natural Soy Candles. Handcrafted with 100% natural soy wax and infused with exquisite fragrances, these candles offer a luxurious escape for your senses and a sustainable choice for your home.

Light the Way to Inner Peace:

    • Melt Away Stress: Immerse yourself in the calming glow and intoxicating scents of Cedar Sandalwood, Earth & Sea, or Mt. Ali Taiwanese Tea.
    • Unleash a Burst of Energy: Revive your spirit with the vibrant aromas of Mango Mango, New Yorker, or Cherry Blossom.
    • Savor Sweet Delights: Indulge in the comforting fragrance of Ice Lemon Biscotti or the delicate sweetness of Lily of the Valley.
    • Hand-poured in stunning glass amber jars: These candles make a beautiful addition to any room and a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

More than just ambiance, it's a commitment to wellness:

    • Natural soy wax: Burns clean and soot-free for a healthier home environment.
    • Long-lasting fragrance: Enjoy up to 55-60 hours of aromatic bliss.
    • Handcrafted with love: Experience the difference of artisan quality.

Light your path to well-being. Order your Luxe Natural Soy Candle today!

9.5 oz

Burn Time: 55-60 hrs 

    • Fill your home with serenity: Light a Luxe Natural Soy Candle & unwind after a long day.
    • Embrace sustainable luxury: Choose hand-poured soy candles for a guilt-free indulgence.
    • Find your perfect scent: From earthy to energizing, discover a fragrance that speaks to you.
Order your Luxe Natural Soy Candle today & embark on a journey of mindful living!
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