Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials Kit: Everything You Need to Go Plastic-Free

Kiwi Eco Box
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Simple and sustainable plastic-free kitchen essentials! The perfect kit for someone who wants to start the transition to an eco-friendly kitchen, but doesn't know where to start.

Our kit includes:

  • Stainless Steel Tea Strainer
  • Cotton Mesh Bags - Set of 2
  • Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set
  • Bamboo Sisal Dish Brush
  • Loofah Dish Sponge (Set of 3)
  • Nut-Milk Bag - Perfect for Making Non-Dairy Milk
  • Insulated Lunch Bag
  • Wooden Set - Spoon and Spatula


  • Reduce your environmental impact by switching to reusable kitchen products
  • Save money in the long run by avoiding disposable products
  • Live a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle
  • Feel good knowing you're making a difference for the planet

Order your zero waste kitchen essentials kit today and start your journey to sustainable living!


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