Zero Waste Starter Kit: 12 Eco-Friendly Products for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Kiwi Eco Box
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Start your zero-waste journey with our all-in-one kit: 12 eco-friendly products made from natural, sustainable materials. This kit is perfect as an earth-friendly gift, and it comes with zero-waste packaging.

  1. Silicone Food Lids (6pcs)
  2. Bamboo Sisal Dishbrush
  3. Set of Loofah Sponges (3pcs)
  4. The Best Kind Body Butter
  5. Set of Make-Up Rounds plus Laundry Bag
  6. Konjac Sponge
  7. Lint Remover
  8. Charcoal Dental Floss
  9. Set of Dryer Balls (3pcs)
  10. Stainless Steel Straw Bent - Set of 3
  11. Bamboo Cutlery Set
  12. Sisal Bath Back Strap


  • 12 eco-friendly products made from natural, sustainable materials
  • Zero-waste packaging
  • Perfect for beginners or experienced zero-waste enthusiasts
  • Makes a great earth-friendly gift


  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Save money on disposable products
  • Live a more sustainable lifestyle
  • Enjoy high-quality, durable products

Order your zero-waste starter kit today and start making a difference for the planet!

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