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Dioxin, one of the most toxic and hazardous chemicals on the earth, is found in commercially made pads and tampons.

It is known to cause cancer and birth problems. Commercial tampons also include rayon, which promotes yeast and bacterial overgrowth. Customers in the tampon sector alone generate more than $7 million in revenue annually. Maxipads made of reusable cotton are one alternative.

  • These pads are stitched using only cotton (preshrunk).
  • They have wings with snaps for more soaking and staying strength, a replaceable absorbent insert (select a thick or thin insert depending on your preference), and a thick or thin insert as desired.
  • If additional padding is required, it can always be added because the underside contains a slot for the insert. We believe that health is more essential than convenience.
  • Since you will need to wash them after every usage, you should always have a plastic bag with you so you can store them for when you get home.

Stop supporting the industry and begin adoring your body! Rock punk! Comes with instructions and details on the advantages of using reusable pads instead.

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