How to Make Soap: Without Burning Your Face Off (Zine) - Independent publisher and distributor, Made in USA

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Author of the well-known Microcosm book Make Your Place, Raleigh Briggs is back with a new booklet on living a healthier lifestyle.

This time, she tackles the fundamentals of soap-making and shows us how to make silky homemade soaps at home.

  • Basic instructions, recipes, a resource list, and a variety of tips and tricks are included in How To Make Soap to help you create unique homemade soaps.
  • With her delightful hand-drawn pictures and simple-to-follow instructions, Raleigh transforms an apparently difficult activity into something easy and enjoyable.
  • A terrific resource (and gift!) for a beginner soapmaker searching for a place to start is How to Make Soap.

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