Exfoliate, Mask, & Glow: Hibiscus Facial Grains for Balanced, Radiant Skin

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Unlock a multi-tasking marvel for your skin with Hibiscus Facial Grains! This unique 3-in-1 scrub, mask, and cleanser nourishes, exfoliates, and cleanses, leaving your complexion balanced and beautifully radiant.

Why Hibiscus Facial Grains are your secret weapon:

    • Natural & Effective: Formulated with gentle yet powerful ingredients like purple corn, arrowroot, and ground hibiscus, it's suitable for all skin types.
    • Exfoliating Action: Removes dead skin cells, revealing a smoother, brighter surface.
    • Deep Cleansing: Absorbs impurities and excess oil, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean.
    • Nourishing Mask: Hydrates and soothes with jojoba oil and essential oils, promoting a healthy glow.
    • Customizable Experience: Adjust the water ratio to create a scrub, mask, or cleanser based on your needs.
    • Eco-Friendly Choice: Reusable and recyclable packaging with compostable label minimizes waste.

Key Ingredients:

    • Organic purple corn flour
    • Red and white clays
    • Organic arrowroot powder
    • Dried hibiscus
    • Organic jojoba oil
    • Essential oils of lavender and sweet orange

Experience the transformative power of nature!

Unleash your skin's radiance! Shop Hibiscus Facial Grains today!


1.25 net oz.

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