Tassel Fan Earrings - Handmade Bohemian Drop Earrings

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Stay on trend and add a pop to any outfit with the Tassel Fan Earrings! These bohemian drop earrings feature mini cotton tassels wrapped in waxed thread. Despite their size, they are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear.


  • Mini cotton tassels
  • Wrapped in waxed thread
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Handmade with love in Thailand
  • Unique and one-of-a-kind


  • Add a touch of bohemian flair to your outfits
  • Make a statement with these stylish earrings
  • Support Fair Trade artisans in Thailand
  • Own a pair of truly unique and one-of-a-kind earrings

Order your Tassel Fan Earrings today and add a touch of bohemian flair to your outfits!

    Artisan Profile

    Who are the Hmong? They are an Asian ethnic group from the mountain regions of China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. Originally from southern China, the Hmong gradually migrated south during the 18th century due to political unrest and to find more workable land. Today, many Hmong are located in the remote thick forests and mountains of the northern Thai regions and are well integrated into Thai society. They are rich in culture, family, and art and are distinctive in their fabric patterns and vibrant costumes. The Hmong tribal groups have expressed their faith, belief and way of life into each piece of fabric, making each piece come to life with an amazing history behind it!

    While expanding your fashion collection globally you will be supporting the developing communities of the Hmong women of Thailand. We work closely with our artisan partners to ensure that all items are produced in ethical, fair labor, and child labor free work environments. We pride ourselves in our quality control, and work closely with our partners to ensure their goods meet the needs of customers worldwide. We believe that granting access to the global marketplace is one way to generate growth in their local communities as well as individual economic independence.

    Hmong Thailand Tribe Hmong Thailand Artisan

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