Fruits Memory Game - Montessori-Inspired Toy for Early Childhood Development

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The Fruits Memory Game is a Montessori-inspired toy that helps children learn about the world around them and develop their memory skills. This fun and educational game is perfect for children ages 3 and up.

The set includes 8 fruit pairs for a total of 16 pieces. Children can play the game as a traditional memory game, or they can use the pieces to learn about different fruits. The game also helps children develop pre-reading skills, math skills, and social skills.

The Fruits Memory Game is made with upcycled cotton blend and felt, and it is fair trade certified. You can feel good knowing that your purchase is supporting mothers and their children in the West Bank.

Key features:

  • Encourages early childhood development
  • Made with sustainable materials
  • Fair trade certified
  • Perfect for children ages 3 and up

Order your Fruits Memory Game today and help your child learn and grow!

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