Fix Your Clothes: The Sustainable Magic of Mending, Patching, and Darning - Independent publisher and distributor, Made in USA

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Get ready to extend the life of your clothes with the "Fix Your Clothes" book. Discover the sustainable magic of mending, patching, and darning. Learn to repair your clothes with ease and reduce waste while keeping your wardrobe looking great. A must-have for any eco-conscious person looking to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Raleigh Briggs, author and illustrator of the bestselling Make Your Place and Make It Last takes us on a mending journey through stocking your supplies, quick fixes, types of knots and stitches, buttons, mending seams, patching holes, darning holes, hemming, fixing zippers, waterproofing canvas, leather, and nylon, and so much more! Raleigh’s style is simple, playful, friendly, fun, and builds your confidence. You can do it!

Brand: Microcosm Publishing

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