Fireweed #2: Embark on a Radical Herbal Adventure with Your Family

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Immerse yourself and your family in the enchanting world of radical herbalism with Fireweed #2, a treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration for embracing a life closer to nature. This comprehensive zine, packed with 67 pages of insightful essays, interviews, reviews, and articles, will guide you on a transformative journey of connecting with wild plants and herbalism practices.




    • Harvesting Wild Plants with Confidence: Learn the essentials of wild plant harvesting from Fireweed's editor, Jess, and embark on safe and responsible foraging adventures with your family.

    • Unveiling the Magic of Chamomile: Discover the wonders of chamomile, a versatile herb with a rich history and a multitude of medicinal and culinary uses.

    • Exploring Herbal Wisdom with Herbal Feral Family: Delve into the world of Herbal Feral Family, renowned herbalists, and gain insights into their passion for wildcrafting and plant-based living.

    • Harnessing the Power of Magical Arts: Uncover the intersection of herbalism and magical arts, and explore the enchanting ways to incorporate herbs into your spiritual practices.

    • Rediscovering the Healing Properties of Plantains: Learn about the remarkable healing properties of plantains, a common yet often overlooked plant with a wealth of medicinal benefits.

    • Creating Soothing Herbal Baths: Discover the art of creating therapeutic herbal baths, using natural ingredients to promote relaxation and well-being.

    • Honoring the Role of Doulas: Gain a deeper understanding of the role of doulas and their significance in providing holistic support to new mothers.

    • Navigating Motherhood in a Modern World: Explore Traci Picard's insightful piece on navigating motherhood in a modern world, embracing holistic approaches to nurture and care for yourself and your family.


    • Empower Your Family with Herbal Knowledge: Equip yourself and your family with the knowledge and skills to connect with wild plants and incorporate herbalism into your daily lives.

    • Foster a Deeper Connection with Nature: Cultivate a deeper appreciation for the natural world and the healing power of plants.

    • Embrace a Holistic Lifestyle: Discover ways to integrate herbalism and holistic practices into your family's life, promoting well-being and a connection to nature.

    • Nurture Your Children's Curiosity: Inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity in your children, encouraging them to explore the world of plants and herbalism.

Embark on a journey of radical herbalism with your family and experience the transformative power of connecting with wild plants. Order your copy of Fireweed #2 today and unleash the magic of herbal wisdom together!

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