Everyday Bicycling: Your Complete Guide to Riding a Bike for Transportation

Microcosm Publishing
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  • Comprehensive guide to riding a bike for transportation
  • Covers everything from street smarts and bike shopping to dressing professionally and carrying cargo
  • Positive and practical approach
  • New 2015 edition is revised and updated, with new sections on bike-share, pets, and carrying other adults


  • Learn how to ride a bike for transportation safely and confidently
  • Discover the many benefits of cycling, including improved health, reduced stress, and saved money
  • Find inspiration and support from Elly Blue, a seasoned bike commuter
  • Enjoy a more active and sustainable lifestyle

Order your copy of Everyday Bicycling today and start riding your bike to work, school, and around town!


  • Product Dimensions: 5.3x6.8x0.5 in
  • 127 pages

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