Natural Loofah Sponge - Zero Waste, Sustainable, exfoliating

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Perfect for exfoliating skin to keep it smooth and sleek

These natural loofah sponges are ideal for use in the bath or shower. It's a soft, scrubby loofah that's easy to hold and hang to dry. At the end of their lives, these are totally compostable, resulting in zero waste.

How to use a loofah?

  1. Your loofah will arrive flat. Wet the loofah in the shower or bath. Warmer water will cause the loofah to get softer more quickly. If you want the loofah to retain some texture and scrubbing ability, just wet it slightly before proceeding.
  2. Apply soap to the loofah. Many people use body wash, which easily seeps into the surface of the loofah, but rubbing bar soap over its surface works as well. A little soap goes a long way; you only need a dime-sized amount or so.
  3. Using the loofah, scrub your entire body. Begin rubbing the loofah against your skin in circular motions at your decolletage (the area of skin between your neck and chest). Repeat down the back of the body, working your way down to your ankles. It's also a good idea to scrub your arms and hands. Underarms and other sensitive areas should be handled with caution. If your skin is dry, rinse the loofah before applying it to your arms and legs.
  4. Using cool water, rinse your entire body. This will make you feel woke and rejuvenated by closing your pores. Use warm water instead of cold water if you're trying to fall asleep with a shower or bath.

These sponges are made entirely of loofah plants. The thickness and coarseness of the plant will vary due to its nature.

Each sponge measures approximately 2 inches x 4 inches

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