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Awesome Ovaries and other things you may not know about your changing body:

  • Are you familiar with your uterus? It's not like we've had a line of folks waiting to explain to us how these things function and how to take care of them our entire lives.
  • This tiny zine is jam-packed with information and illustrations that describe your uterus cycles, ovulation, getting pregnant, the under-discussed "clear flow," vulvae and penises, clitoris hormones, what it means to be intersex, how to monitor and control your period, safe and unsafe touch, and MORE.
  • The authors treat periods as a superpower and don't approach this stuff like it's shameful.
  • They also don't equate your body parts with your gender.
  • This zine taught me more than 12 years of sex education lessons at school ever could. 

Brand: Microcosm Publishing

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