Awesome Ovaries: Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Body Empowerment

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Brand: Microcosm Publishing

Unleash the power of self-knowledge and embrace your body with Awesome Ovaries, a groundbreaking zine that revolutionizes the way we understand and celebrate our reproductive health. Through engaging illustrations and informative text, this zine takes you on an empowering journey of self-discovery, delving into the fascinating world of your ovaries, uterus, menstrual cycles, and beyond.


    • Empowering Education: Discover a comprehensive and inclusive guide to your reproductive organs and functions, shedding light on topics often overlooked in traditional sex education.

    • Body Positivity and Self-Acceptance: Embrace your body with positivity and self-love, understanding your menstrual cycle as a superpower rather than a source of shame or embarrassment.

    • Gender-Neutral Approach: Challenge gender stereotypes and explore the concept of intersexuality, recognizing that bodies exist on a spectrum beyond the traditional binary.

    • Self-Care and Body Autonomy: Learn how to monitor and manage your menstrual cycle, empowering yourself to make informed decisions about your body and health.

    • Safe and Unsafe Touch: Understand the importance of safe and respectful touch, equipping yourself to protect your personal boundaries.


    • Gain Confidence in Your Body: Enhance your understanding of your reproductive system and menstrual cycle, fostering body confidence and self-acceptance.

    • Make Informed Decisions: Equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed choices about your reproductive health and well-being.

    • Nurture Body Positivity: Embrace a positive and inclusive body image, challenging societal norms and stereotypes.

    • Promote Gender Inclusivity: Understand the spectrum of gender identities and recognize the importance of gender-neutral language and terminology.

    • Advocate for Self-Care: Prioritize your physical and emotional well-being, learning effective self-care practices to manage your menstrual cycle.

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and body empowerment with Awesome Ovaries. Order your copy today and unleash the power of knowledge and self-love!

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